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2017 the Year of Arts Access

One of the most important things about the power of art is it’s ability to break down walls and barriers. Whether it is a visit to a gallery, the admiration of a graffiti mural, the music accompanying you through your ear buds or a performance by an orchestra, artistic expression is able to expose an […]

Jeff Melanson, Record-Setting Art Sale Emboldens Canadian Pride

Canada is renowned around the globe for its majestic beauty and unparalleled vistas, so it has always surprised me that our landscape artists haven’t garnered more international acclaim. That is until late last month when Canadian Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris’ iconic Mountain Forms on a large canvas sold for a record setting $11.2 […]

Jeff Melanson, Reflecting on the Current State of U.S. Symphonies

During my time at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, we explored remaking the orchestra’s mandate to reflect the need for increased inclusivity and diversity. This is an important priority everywhere, but absolutely necessary in Toronto, the world's most ethnically diverse city. The experience and approach we took is at the top of mind as I hear […]

Jeff Melanson: Canada’s 150th Should Signal Recommitment to Unity and Inclusion

As Canada’s 150th birthday approaches, citizens, local, provincial and national governments from coast-to- coast are preparing to celebrate a country that is beloved to many and was recently ranked Best Country in the World by millennials. While many consider the yearlong celebration as a chance to showcase their national spirit, others are using this milestone […]

Jeff Melanson: Upcoming Speaking Engagements

As an arts and culture executive, it’s a great honour to be invited to speak at conferences and events that address some of the challenges facing local, national and international arts communities.

Promoting inclusion and more widespread access to cultural and arts initiatives has been a passion of mine for more than two decades and I continue to strongly believe that arts and culture engagement is beneficial to people of every age, race and nationality.